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Schisandra chinensis (Hp Pro & Hp Pro Plus)

Effectiveness of Hp Pro in treatment of liver diseases

"Treatment of HpPro is effective to reduce liver impairment in acute and chronic liver diseases on Indonesian patients. No side effect of Hp Pro was observed"

Chin Med J 1998; 111(3): 248-51

Salvia miltiorrhiza (Hp Pro Plus, Fibroles, AHFC)

Reversal of early fibrosis

"Salvianolic acid B could effectively reverse liver fibrosis in chronic hepatitis B."

World J Gastroenterol 2002, 8(4): 679-85.

Cpd861 (AHFC)

Cpd861 on fibrosis and early cirrhosis

"Liver fibrosis and early cirrhosis due to HBV infection in man could be definitely reversed by herbal remedy Cpd861"

Chin J Hepatol 2004; 12(8)

L-carnitine (Carnico Q)

L-carnitine in treatment of NASH

"L-carnitine supplementation to diet is useful in improving liver function and histological manifestations of NASH"

Am J Gastroenterol 2010; 105: 1338-45

Lumbrokinase (Tromboles)

Lumbrokinase for secondary ischemic stroke prevention

"Long-term oral fibrinogen-depleting therapy may be beneficial for secondary ischemic stroke prevention"

Chin Med J 2013; 126 (21): 4060-5

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